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Bat fursona Belfry Ref Sheet 2023 by Leonidas Draconic

Bat fursona Belfry Ref Sheet 2023

Leonidas Draconic

Belfry is a fursona that's been through several iterations over the past 8 maybe 9 years. Originally named Fang he was either made back in 2014 or 2015. The other night I was going through some old artwork I had on file on my computer and found a "ref sheet" (I put this in quotes cause rather than being a detailed layout of his every inch and expression it was more of a quick 3 headshot angle front pose inference piece) dating back to the days when I used him as a music mascot dj for a summer vacation mix under the alias "Chakram" (probably because the turntables reminded me of throwing discs.)
I decided that, seeing the date on the old sheet was 8 years ago exactly, I should remake it and give Belfry a more "complete uniform look" hence this new designs more strict color range and star motif to draw it all together, pun intended.
Originally he was a "Bat-Dragon" which is why he had the massive wings and tail, but I decided to do away with the idea of a hybrid since the naming choice seemed in poor taste lmao

Anyway, Introducing Belfry Belmont's new design. I think the last time I drew him was pride 2019, so having him reappear has been LONG overdue ^^/

Here's a link to the old ref sheet which, I'm surprised wasn't online already??? I uploaded it to Twitter alongside the newer one for a closer comparison:

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