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DecENMber Theme 4: Dressing Room by Leon 13

DecENMber Theme 4: Dressing Room

Leon 13

This theme was also kinda less specific, just a situation of ENM occurring in a Dressing Room.

This one stars my good buddy Caius! Unfortunately, he should’ve know better to strip down nude with one of those flimsy curtains being the only thing protecting his bare rear, especially when his crush is on the other side! Also, why is Paden wearing Jeans? He saw an ad saying they will seduce the love of your life, so he bought them to seduce Lucien.

Visual Description:

In a Dressing room, Caius (Black anthro dragon with bright green belly and face fins), is bent over toward the camera, with his bare rear up in the air facing the opposite direction. He is blushing while his eyes look back in shock as the curtain rod fell down. His diaper is laying on the bench in front of him, unfolded and he is in the process of picking up red fabric.

On the other side of the Curtain is Kendra the Dragon (Violet Pink with sky blue belly and face fins), walking by while looking at the nude Caius with a surprised blushing expression. She is clad in a light blue diaper with snowflake prints and a light purple tube-top. She is holding a pack of diapers with an Agumon on it bent over with his diaper butt pointed toward the viewer (diaper is pink with frills) and is called “Princess Scale Butts”.

Paden (light blue anthro shark) is further away and is clad in a pair of jeans over a bulky disposable diaper. He pulls them up as he looks over at Caius in surprise, while blushing.

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