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My LeonTech Party by Leon 13

My LeonTech Party

Leon 13

A while back, due to my love of various mecha anime, I made a Tabletop RPG that made use of the hundreds of units available, which I codenamed LeonTech. I’ve have literally spent hours upon hours adding onto it, writing statistics for each individual unit and designing scenarios that could be played solo.

Eventually, I feared the copyright Nazis would come for me, so I took down all the material I shared online. That said, I still find myself working on it and even have played it to a small extent. It is a personal project that I have no intention of monetizing or even share at this point, so please leave me alone copyright Nazis!

One thing I did want to share was a pic Idea I had of my four main party members I use in my personal playthroughs. While the characters don’t directly affect the gameplay aside from their stats, I did use several of my OCs and some friends OCs for fun. If the owners of these borrowed OCs are uncomfortable with my doing this, please let me know and I can swap them with one of my other OCs.

First we have Parker, the highest level character so far since he’s been around since the start. On ground, he is armed with a Cyclone submachine gun (Based on the Uzi) which is ironically weaker than the starting pistol. His mecha is the MAJ-S08 Xiaoshou from Gundam 00.

Next is my buddy Yosh. Due to low funds, he is still equipped with the starting Vixen Compact Pistol (Based on the Beretta Cougar) but it’s still a decent weapon. His mecha is the YMF-01B Proto GINN/ZGMT-01 GINN Trainer from Gundam SEED MSV.

Next is Takoda, dressed in an Order of the Black Knights Shirt. She carries a Competitor Pistol (Based on the H&K USP Match). Her Mecha is a UGY-R38 Spinner Rodi from Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Last but certainly not least is my pal Caius. He is only armed with a katana, but his high strength lets him deal massive damage with it. His mecha is a OZ-06MS Leo from Gundam Wing.

Nixie is also part of the team (in her baby dragon form), but she operates the mothership (in this case, an EDI-40-II Laohu from Gundam 00) and does not participate in ground combat. She was originally swapped with Caius in this role, but was changed because Caius seemed better fit for frontline combat while she was better for support.

Caius belongs to bman1131

Yosh belongs to Yosh-E-O

Visual Description:

On the left, Parker is in a kneeling position while smiling almost sadistically with his sharp teeth showing (he has slightly more reptilian eyes in this pic). He is wearing a pilot-suit style onesie that is two-toned light and dark purple with rings around the wrists, a greenish-brown chestplate, and a cloth diaper poking through the leg-hole. He looks at the camera while aiming his gun to the left side.

Next is Yosh, who is standing there scared with his legs crossed. He is wearing his poofy Rarity-made waterproof diaper, as well as a short-sleeve tan military shirt identical to the one used by Shiro Amada from Gundam 08th MS Team. He holds his pistol in his right hand while holding the bottom of the magazine well with his other hand.

Next is Takoda, who stands on one leg while the other leg rests against it as she looks at the camera with a light smile and almost seductive look. She is wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with pale violet trim along the rims and a brass button near the breast Se is also wearing a matching black slip-on diaper. She holds her pistol up next to her head while her other arm rests her hand on her waist.

Finally is Caius, who stands there with his legs spread and holding his katana straight out toward the camera while flexing with his other arm. He wears a onesie like garment that is very skinny between the legs and leaves much of his front pinned white cloth diaper exposed. The safety pin is gold and had the emblem of the Gym fleet from Turn A Gundam. This same emblem is also over both sides of the breasts on the shirt. The central part of the onesie is white with a small matching colored collar around the neck. Caius smiles with his mouth open, ready to fight.

The background is dark gray with an indigo colored flash erupted toward the screen, like a title card.

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