Soggy Samantha (C: 7) by Leon 13

Soggy Samantha (C: 7)

Leon 13

22 September 2017 at 17:17:17 MDT

Samantha, the Evil Gatomon laughed as she looked over the tuxedo top and black pull up she held in her paws.

“That little traitor won’t get far without his clothes.” She said.

The bad girl threw the Tuxedo into a nearby diaper before grabbing both sides of the pull ups and stretching them out. She stretched them out farther and farther until they ripped. She then tossed them up in the air and danced around, he short pink skirt flowing up, exposing her pink diaper.

Just then, a booming sound filled the room. Looking towards the Double doors, the Gatomon was shocked to see Merlin the Gabumon, clad in nothing but a huge blue diaper. Rage filled his eyes.

“Oh, hello my former servant. Was that all that was left in your wardrobe, poofy butt?” Samantha asked, snickering at Merlin’s diaper.

“I borrowed this from one of Culania’s plushes, until I could persuade you to return my usual attire. And I say Persuade very loosely.” Merlin said.

Merlin glanced down and saw his torn pull ups laying on the floor, completely ruined.

“Well it appears that you’re out of luck, so you’re stuck in that diaper. Or would be, if I wasn’t about to do this.” Samantha said.

Samantha snapped her fingers, and suddenly 2 large Plastic Agumon with Pink bricks dropped from the ceiling.

“Say hello to my new Bodyguards, who joined me after some persuasion of my own and some genetic modification. Now my new servants, would you kindly remove Merlin’s diaper so I can play dress up with him?” Samantha asked, pointing at Merlin.

The Plastic Agumon charged at Merlin, who jumped in the air as they tried to tackle him and smothered them both under his thick undergarments, knocking them out. Samantha backed up and reached for a stun gun sitting on the nearby table. Merlin, however, threw a kitchen knife that broke the stun gun.

Before Samantha could turn around, Merlin grabbed the glass of water on the table and pulled out the back of her diaper.

“HEY! Don’t you know how rude it is too- EEEKKK!” Samantha squealed.

Merlin poured the ice cold water down the back of her diaper. He let go of her and she ran around the room, holding her ice cold rear.

“I may have a poofy butt, but it’s better than being a soggy butt.” Merlin said, laughing.

(I like how this came out. However, I still suck at drawing Gatomon. Gabumon are also surprisingly tricky to draw, due to their odd pelt. I held off on posting this until my buddy, Agumonofalchemy, got his internet back.)

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