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Shadowed by Lemondeer



I created a Patreon!
Please support my art if you have some pennies to spare! <<<

You could be getting:
Early access to full res art, art and comic panel WIPs
Notifications on my art stream
Discounts off commissions
Access to request streams, or personal streams
Access to PDS files of my illustrations

I started the Patreon mostly to help fund my comic, which certainly won't get off the ground if I have to get a job, but it's also for my illustrations, which there should be more of soon. I don't expect to post a ton this year due to the black hole of school work I'm dealing with, but I'll devote more time to it if it's a way to keep my fridge full and my lights on.

I will be uploading art there, usually a week or more before I upload here, but 95% of my work will be posted here for free. You're not obligated to support me to view it, and never will be!

In terms of art, you can expect to see more of the same: soft vore, maw shots, general prey torment, and images of my characters. The comic deals with a fair amount of hard vore, but I probably won't depict it, and if I do there will be a good deal of warning ahead of time, and things will still make sense if you skip those pages. I will post those pages here and on Patreon, but for free, with full res access for all Patreon supporters. There will also be some gory parts, but same deal.

I have posted a few full res pages over there that are public so you can see how large the images are compared to what I upload over here. Later today I'm going to post the PSDs of all my files that will be available for people pledging more than $10. (no one will be charged for anything I've already created btw)

I had this file on my computer for a while and when I was setting up the Patreon I realized it would make a very good header.

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