Scalebuns [Closed Species Test Sheet] by Leamardi

Scalebuns [Closed Species Test Sheet]


23 January 2019 at 14:52:53 MST


My sister made a fursona randomly and I decided I wanted to try to make a species off of it! Thoughts? Interest? Let me know!

🐲Scalebuns are buns with a fierce ancestory! They are the proud owners of their own hoard of varying items & sizes!
🐲It is common for all scalebuns to have fire/gas breathing capabilities, though it is the individual buns power that sets them apart.
🐲 Like their scaled ancestors, scalebuns are egg layers (2 eggs in a brood is most common).
🐲The size and contents of a buns hoard depends completely on the bun and their interests.
🐲 Like their ancestors, scalebuns are found in all shapes and sizes depending on the region and geography; Western, Eastern, mountain, plains, sky and sea.
🐲 It is common for scalebuns to grow horns/body spikes over their lifetime
🐲 Scaled/clawed buns are uncommon, as this species errs on the side of non-violence over the years.
🐲 Winged scalebuns are rare, but do exist and are generally the center of gossip.

πŸŒ™ Obviously closed species are forever a wip, I'm always tweaking and re-working in the name of being genuine.

ty for lookin!

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Tips Always Appreciated!

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