pidersona: Unmasked by Leamardi

pidersona: Unmasked


16 January 2019 at 18:27:43 MST


A yōkai in a modern day urban Tokyo-esque city, Aki prefers the nightlife as the dark alleys and dimly lit back roads allow her true self a good stretch.
  • The golden orb weaver or, Jorōgumo, these yōkai are more crudely referred to as the 'whore spider', and Aki is unashamed to live up to the stereotype. These demons take an inviting, feminine form to lure men(AND women, in Aki's case!) into their lair to feed.

  • Aki is pansexual, and not easily sated. More sweet in nature, she prefers to terrorize the 'victims' she lures to her apartment with baked goods and affection, though she is also known to use her charms for crime fighting.

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