Holiday Fawn OTA by Leamardi

Holiday Fawn OTA


26 December 2018 at 14:03:42 MST


Unsold Christmas Adopts now OTA - or - $12 Autobuy

AHHH, I love how these turned out! Mistletoe and Vintage Mocha especially, I don't know how I'm gonna let them go @__@ Comment to claim!

PS. If Vintage Mocha and Peppamint hooked up, would they make Peppermint Mocha???

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♡ PAYPAL Preferred
♡ You will receive a PNG of your adopt upon purchase.
♡ The design is yours to do with as you please but I'd be delighted to be credited when re-posting!
♡ Please give me a heads up when trading or re-selling a character, but I'm not going to be super strict on this(shit happens, you know?)
♡ You may resell the adopt, but not for more than you originally paid for it (unless more art is purchased/made of them).

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