Lunch With a Friend (bluwolf0 Commission) by Leaf Thornton

Lunch With a Friend (bluwolf0 Commission)

Leaf Thornton

23 March 2015 at 16:38:45 MDT

This picture is based off of a scene from a future story called "A Rabbit's Romance".

Erin Flaherty is a blind raccoon girl that works at the local university as a librarian and moonlights as the heroine Miracle. She and Bryon figured out each other's secret identities and are good friends. In one of four story lines, Bryon helps Erin out after she goes through a rough spot. He meets up with her for lunch some time in the future and things carry on from there.

Bryon/Phantom belongs to me.
Erin/Miracle belongs to sam-gwosdz.
Artwork done by bluwolf0.