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** HALLOWEEN YCH ** by Layton



17 October 2020 at 03:35:14 MDT

It is FINALLY spooky time!! And please don't worry, any orders placed on or before the 28th will be done before Halloween.

  • $14 for single characters, and $22 for doubles
  • Unlimited slots
  • All species welcome!
  • Complicated characters/features may incur extra charges. If you're unsure, please ask!
  • paypal: laytondoodles[at] ~ payment must be received before I add you to the queue & get started! I will gladly send invoices upon request, but do not by default as requests get extremely numerous.
  • You must include your username in the notes section of your transaction, or I may not know who you are. Please don't forget! πŸ“·
  • Please comment if you're interested with the desired number, and I will send you a message to get started! If you do not like the message system, please leave an alternate means of contact in your comment.