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13 December 2014 at 17:14:40 MST

Messing around with color

Mint belongs to Poketto-monsta
Art is mine

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    Okay so last night it was late so I was sill freaking out abt how much I loved this but I came back to it today and-
    I just can't get over how gorgeous it is like I've been looking at it constantly today and everything about it is just GORGEOUS like idk if you realise how talented you actually are?? The anatomy on this piece is PERFECT I can't find a single flaw (not that I was looking lmao BUT) the posing is so cute the way her foot curls around her tail and the little purple pawpads?? AND THE LITTLE BUNCH OF FLUFF AT THE BASE OF HER TAIL <3 <3
    Her hair is GORGEOUS too like you couldn't have drawn it more perfectly, it's EXACTLY how I imagine her hair would be in a more human form like I made her on an mmo once and THIS IS HOW SHE LOOKED <3
    The colours are so intense and beautiful too like the way the warm/cool colours work together is executed PERFECTLY <3

    I havee this as my phone bg now I can't stop looking at it thank you so so much again ;o; I'm a little tired today bc my bf has been round so I'm feeling the sting of being up and about more but when I'm feeling well again I NEED TO DRAW YOU SOMETHING <3

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      hugs and kisses forehead
      While I am joyful about how this has made you happy, I want you to be relaxed and calm. Your health is more important than drawing.

      If you want to draw something for me, then do so when you know you can.

      I pray and wish you a comfortable holiday with those you love!