Many Things by LavenderKhajiit

Many Things


11 November 2014 at 20:22:49 MST

trying to pull my life together

Starting by remembering to take my meds...

Candy/Mint arms (c) Poketto-monsta
Art (c) me

Truthfully, you found me at a time in my life where there are a lot of choices needing to be made... and it's not getting any easier.

News on TV always sounding paranoid, the streets I walk loosing their trees, people I know are slowly falling into darkness...

I find it hard to understand why it's so hard to do something about your life, no matter how small.

But I'm a go getter at heart.

ANYways, Thank you for letting me pour all my unneeded negative time and energy into these drawings, as they have been helping ^^

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    OH MAN I saw this when I first woke up and I was really groggy and I just thought WHAT I DON'T REMEMBER DRAWING THIS??
    But now I'm actually awake and functioning ahem

    HOOOOOOOOLLLYYY HECK DUDE THIS IS SUPER SUPER CUTE! I've always loved the idea of Mint and Candy interacting like this, Mint would definitely be to kind to steal Candy's head and keep it just out of reach of her body if they got on her nerves too much hehe

    I'm sorry you're feeling bummed out at the moment, I'm usually always on Skype if you wanna chat though! I'm glad my dumbutt characters are helping though~ uvu