Raid Gone Wrong by LauriJ

I never considered myself as an expert, but this definitely was the worst day of my life. Me and my squad were doing a raid on the fortress belonging to an infamous criminal and just as we thought we were making progress, open goes the trapdoor and sending us to a dark cellar. A cellar with no way out as we quickly found out. And then suddenly, what appeared to be a large TV on a wall turned on. And there he was, Gary Woolsey AKA The Subjugator himself grinning at us from the screen.

  • Well, well, well, can I truly believe my eyes? It looks like we caught a bunch of irritating rats tonight. Very irritating and stubborn rats. You honestly though that you could waltz into my palace and take me dead or alive? The Subjugator sneered at us.

  • Oh yeah? And that's exactly what we are going to do! Now, how about you kindly tell me and the rest of Squad 91 how to get out of here? I answered back.

  • Ooh, Squad 91 is it now? You wanna hear what happened to Squads 88 and 74 they send earlier? They are all dead! At my hands! And since you are here now at my mercy, I shall give you 10 minutes to reflect on your useless little lives.

10 minutes! Just what are you going to do exactly! Simon-8R, one of my comrades, shouted while furiously waving his weapon.

I started getting tense. If the other squads didn't survive the raid then what chance could we have? Is stopping The Subjugator's criminal empire truly a futile goal?

  • So, you wanna know the method of killing you stupid-heads eh pretty boy? Once the time is up, the walls of the room you're in will close, trapping and killing you in a very messy way. Or what is it exactly you wanted? Would you have preferred poison gas? Or even more trapdoors leading you to freezing death?

  • Yeah, it sure would be lot quicker to die that way thank you very much. Daniel-5T replied.

  • In any case, I'm sure we can bust out of here and then you shall be brought to justice at last! I chimed in.

  • Very stubborn aren't you? Let me assure you that there's no way out of there. Alright, that's it, if you're so desperate to hurry to your graves, I shall be happy to show you the way. For you're not going to die on 10 minutes. Instead, you shall die in 10 seconds. Pick a god and pray. Farewell.

The TV then blacked out as ominous mechanical groaning filled the room. The lights came on and we could see walls rapidly closing on our locations, complete with really sharp looking spikes. I closed my eyes and prayed, hoping that someone or something can rescue us from this predicament, wasteful wishing as it might be at the moment...

Raid Gone Wrong


29 April 2017 at 08:22:05 MDT

Want to arrest a notorious criminal? Make sure you watch where you step first.

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