Sierra Finds An Apple Orchard by LaurenRivers

Sierra Finds An Apple Orchard


3 February 2015 at 23:06:54 MST

Sierra, a wanderer of the wastes, found an unexpected bounty. An orchard of mostly dead apple trees greeted her as she approached. The farm had been long abandoned, most likely whoever lived here was killed by raiders or some such thing. Maybe the Initiative had gotten their hands on them. Either way, the place was long abandoned. Such a remote farm had likely been picked over by passersby, but she felt it was worth her time to inspect the orchard anyway. She stopped as she found a tree planted by the remnants of the barn.

Several apples had recently fallen to the ground. They appeared perfectly ripe. Never one to turn down food, the kinkajou girl picked one up and took a bite into it. The crisp flavor was the best thing she'd eaten in months. She opened her pack and stuffed as many of the red fruits inside as she could fit. Sierra would have to bring some to her friends. For now, she decided to take a seat and enjoy her first fresh fruit in as long as she could recall.

Art by FoxDie

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