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X-Men: Days Of Future Past by LaurenRivers

X-Men: Days Of Future Past


This would've been perfect a month or two ago, but hey, it was WELL worth it. Now since it's been a while, I forgot who Nightcrawler is, I'm not sure if he's normally blue or not... Remind me and I will fix. The downside to everyone having black uniforms. LOL.

The legendary team of mutants working together for the betterment of all furkind... They are... The XXX-Men. Oh wait. No. That's the other team. We're just one X.

Laurenrivers Lauren Rivers as Rogue and Chris Hartley as Cyclops
chocolatevixen Coco Vixen as Storm
fuzzywazzy Fuzzywazzy as Wolverine
toyapup Toya as Gambit
jasirilion Syn as Jean Grey
darkentiger Byakko as Bishop
rattie-cookie as Nightcrawler

Art by jameless


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    Wow! How come I am finally seeing this awesome pic now after nine months after you post it here?! lol I thought this project never got finished. X3

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      I don't know, I posted it here and on FA, the moment it was completed. ;) Glad you found it though!