Character Sketches by LaurenRivers

Character Sketches


21 June 2014 at 16:45:56 MDT

It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of a new furry comic project. Hosted on FA and Weasyl and updating on the 1st and 3rd friday of every month, prepare for a furry comic unlike any you've seen before.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, it is a tale of love, loyalty, and unexpected surprises.

Art by sabretoothedermine and written by me.

Ethan - A traveling merchant with a checkered past, Ethan travels from town to town with his partner Rhodes, seeking to find something he does not know himself. Eternally searching to fill an empty place within himself, he wanders across the world, seeking to find the one thing that will make his life complete.

Diana Lynwood - A doberman pinscher from the mysterious land of Aldris, which long ago disappeared from the world as we know it to protect itself from its enemies. A skilled archer, Diana is lost in a world she doesn't understand. Separated and alone, she is on the run from forces who seek access to her home.

Rhodes - A gypsy vanner horse (I think), and a traveling merchant. Rhodes is the front man for their group, making the deals and moving the merchandise. A skilled haggler and a well dressed equine, Rhodes ultimate dream is to make enough money to settle down in a town of his choosing and open a shop.

Captain Marcus Weathers - The Captain of the Red Guard, the stag is hunting Diana for reasons known only to his superiors. All he knows is that he cannot return home without her. He and his men will stop at nothing to capture her and bring her to their kingdom.


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    nice i really like the stag !! ^v^

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    I'm digging the two on the right... <3

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    Oh my gosh! You two are probably my favorite author/artist team on this site - I've been enjoying both of your work for some time now - so this is incredibly exciting news! I'll be watching this series with great interest.

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      Wow, really? I haven't really been super active (or at all, really) on the writing front for quite some time), but I'm thinking about posting some of the writing I did do before them and during maybe to here, since I thought it was decent and such.

      I'm hoping this helps me get my stories out, if not in the form I originally intended. :)

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        I mostly mean the little story vignettes you post with commissioned illustrations. You've got a lot of interesting ideas, and I always like hearing (in addition to seeing) your characters' interactions with each other and all the odd things that happen to them, even if it's only for a few paragraphs. I'm looking forward to seeing how you tell a longer story!

        (Not to mention that "One Crazy Night," your previous collaboration with SabretoothedErmine, is one of my favorite TF comics ever.)

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    Rhodes. He travels them.

    Rohdes as seen on roads.