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Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny by LaurenRivers (critique requested)

Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny (critique requested)


From the back jacket

On the Frontier, death runs close at hand—so close, some say the dead linger on as echoes in family heirlooms.

Armed with her late father’s guns, a sharp wit, and a quick pair of paws, the gunslinger known as “Six Shooter” thought she had a bead on her way in the world. That is, until a routine bit of larceny drops her in the depths of some very unusual and dangerous schemes.

Power-mad lions, mind-bending rock, and whispers from her dead father: these a bunny can handle.

Falling in love with the local sheriff, though… That’s trouble.

My Thoughts so far –
Westerns are historically not my thing. As a fan of scifi and fantasy, there are very few Westerns that I’d say have my attention. Firefly, by Joss Whedon, convinced me that there is a way to merge scifi and Western to which before I would never have believed it possible. Other than that, gunslingers, deserts, and a duel in front of the saloon never interested me. However, when I saw the cover for this book, my story sense started tingling. I can’t speak for everyone, but maybe it was the way the bunny on the cover tips her hat, or the title that just ‘spoke’ to me, but it caught my attention and convinced me to buy it. The cover’s job is done. Reading the back, I didn’t know what to expect. Of course I knew it was a Western, that much was obvious. The back gave me the basics, but depending on how things went that can be good or bad. This book was a Western, which has to win my approval. Second, it suggested a love story of sorts, which made me cautious. Though my instinct to buy this book told me it wasn’t a mistake, and I am rarely wrong when it comes to my personal taste for a quality story. I say the above because I want to reiterate to you how much a book like this has to overcome my natural predilection to pass such a book over, so you know my full meaning. This was going to be a hell of a read, and I hadn’t even turned page one.

Overall: This is a damn fine book. Quality furry writing is not easy to find, even among the published in the fandom. This is it for sure. If you like bunnies, bats, or Westerns, or are even a fan of good writing in general, buy this book. It’s one of the few I have thought about rereading on occasion, and that’s a rare quality for me. I remember that it did not take me long to start reading it, and it was very hard to put down when I did. While no book is without flaw, this one is so finely polished you’d be hard pressed to find it. I liked the style of this story far more than most of the other things I’ve gotten from this publisher, and I would look forward to see if they try their hand at another type of story in the future.

Note: This is a mature title, with some mild adult scenes.

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