I'm Helping! by LaurenRivers

I'm Helping!


3 May 2014 at 22:03:13 MDT

Lauren joined Teric at work to keep him company. Eagerly she sat at his desk to watch him work, typing away at his computer like a man possessed. She curiously asked him about what he was doing from time to time, and fetched him coffee and other such things. When anyone would ask who the charming young lady was, he would say that she was an intern or something.

"This is a really nice computer," she said.

"Yes, it is, top of the line, very expensive. Not even available to the public." Teric responded politely but curtly, as he was on a deadline for tomorrow.

Lauren sat on her stool as the green dragon exited the room for a few minutes and thought she ought to lend him a hand. He was working so hard, and she could surely save him some trouble. Empowered by the thought of helping her friend, she punched a few commands into the source code and hit enter, and suddenly the computer emitted the most terrible shriek, and suddenly the screen turned blue with white letters.

Teric's face drained pale when he returned and his jaw dropped to the floor. "What... What happened???"

"I don't know. I was helping, and then this came up."

Lauren blushed as he seemed rather distressed at the situation. He muttered something about six months of work and that he was doomed. She determined she had best leave him be as he seemed rather frustrated at her 'assistance'.

Note: In reality Lauren is much more computer savvy, but this idea seemed too cute not to do.

Teric is teric
Lauren is Laurenrivers
Art by wintersnowolf and rainartsink

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