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Four Pawed Prison by LaurenRivers

Four Pawed Prison


Ryan impatiently clomped into the pet shelter and tightened his tie a bit more. Sophie had asked him for a friend, so he'd get her a dog to shut her up. He had meetings to go to and a lot of imporant deals to make, so he didn't have much time. "Show me where you keep the fleabags," he barked to a volunteer. She led him in the back and showed him the various animals the shelter cared for, and with each click of his hoof it was obvious he was judging them with disdain.

He looked from one mutt to the next. Almost as worthless as his girlfriend. If she wasn't so good at pleasuring him he'd have dumped her and kicked her to the curb a long time ago. She was worth keeping around though, as long as she stayed home and kept the house clean. That was all females were good for, anyway. He checked his blackberry. No meetings for another few hours. Fine.

He stopped at one dog that looked up at him with a curious intelligence. "What are you looking at, you dumb mutt?" He kicked the glass with his hoof, and the volunteer frowned.

"Please don't do that, sir."

"I'll do what I please. What's wrong with this one?" He pointed at the bernese mountain dog.

"That's Muffy, sir. She's new. Don't know where she came from but she's healthy." The volunteer shrugged.

The dog looked pathetic. Ryan looked at the glass cage it was kept in. There was a dog bowl, a tennis ball, and a rubber bone. "Wrap it up, I'll take it. I haven't got time to dawdle." The volunteer left, mumbling something about an 'asshole' under her breath, and going up front to get some paperwork.

Muffy reared up and held a bracelet in her muzzle between her teeth. Ryan looked at it and held it around his fingers. He read the funny writings inside it and suddenly felt his body overwhelmed with warmth as his vision went blurry. He couldn't think.

He must have fallen to his knees, as he was on all fours when he came to. He tried to speak, but only a bark came out of his mouth. 'What?' he asked himself. 'What's happened to my body?' He tried to stand, but then fell to all fours. 'I can't stand! What's... My clothes! I'm naked!' He looked at a... paw????

Staring forward, he saw his biggest shock, himself, admiring his hands. Barks and growls came out of his muzzle as he spoke angrily, trying to demand his body back.

"Sorry, Fido, but this is my body now and forever. I've waited for someone to come in here and get me out of that feminine four legged prison, and now I've got this new body as a host. I spent years trapped in that dog's body and finally I found someone to get me out. The spell is a one way trip for you, since your body can't talk. Don't worry, I'll take care of you though, my way of saying thanks for the new anatomy." He pulled out his new body's wallet. "I've got a girlfriend too, what a looker. I've never been male before. This will be fun. Always wondered what a man's body felt like during mating. I bet she's hot."

'Muffy' growled.

"Be good, Muffy, or I'll put you down. Now this body's name is Ryan. Hm. Muffy, you and I are going home, and get ready, because as soon as you go into heat, I want to breed you. You're going to have so many puppies for me, because the way you were talking, you deserve a little payback. Yes, I understood you. Every word."

'Ryan' kicked the glass cage again, and then smirked. "Enjoy being a four legged fleabag, and a female at that. This body has some work to do."

'Ryan' and 'Muffy' are laurenrivers
Art by jameless

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