Furs Suiting by LaurenRivers

Furs Suiting


15 March 2014 at 15:41:52 MDT

Lucy held the fursuit head modeled after her lover in her hands, watching Kate put on 'herself' and studying the lupine costume head that looked almost like the genuine article. "Will you just put it on already?"

"It's so cute, and it looks just like you!" Kate exclaimed. She looked at the wolfess who had already put on her snake body and hands, and looked a bit odd with a wolf head and feet, having not finished putting on her costume.

"I know, right? Look, you don't think this is weird, do you? You know, putting on a costume and pretending to be another species? I mean, who does that?" Lucy questions.

"Just put your head on and let's get going, I hear some people are dressing up as human's this year. We need to make it to the costume contest. I know we'll win first prize. You've got my sexy walk down, don't you?" Kate prompts, poking Lucy in the tummy.

Lucy giggled cutely and slipped her head on, eager to see how she looked in a mirror...

Art by wintersnowolf and rainartsink
Characters are laurenrivers

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