Super Topaz World by LaurenRivers

Super Topaz World


1 February 2014 at 17:36:41 MST

Topaz and Faye had arrived at the mushroom kingdom upon the urgent summons of Princess Fuzzy, who desperately needed the adventurers help after having been kidnapped for the fourth time this week. Having plenty of time between service calls, the two emerged from a pipe near the castle. Topaz mewed in delight as she spotted a power up on the ground not too far from where they emerged. "Hey, an ice flower!"

"That'll come in real handy." Faye dusted herself off slowly before she took in their surroundings. "Things look normal."

"They always do, before the trouble starts. Now how does this thing work?" The kitten touched a paw to the flower and felt her body surge with energy as her clothing changed color to blue to match the ice flower. "Hey, nice! Look there, it's the castle!" Topaz pointed with her finger, an action that inadvertantly released an ice ball from her claw, and soon she found Faye had been frozen inside of a perfect cube of ice. "Ooops!"

"MMPH!!!" Faye tried to shout, but the sound was muffled.

"Um, maybe there's a fire flower around here..." Topaz set the pot down and looked around for a '?' block...

Mario is copyright to Nintendo.
Faye is faye88
Topaz is laurenrivers
Art by wintersnowolf and rainartsink

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