Quantum Fracture - Short Story by LaurenRivers (critique requested)

Quantum Fracture - Short Story (critique requested)


2 April 2016 at 08:59:48 MDT

The Guardians have been dispatched to investigate a research submarine returning with some Talwyn salvage. After having lost contact, the ship was located trapped deep in the ocean. Now they must find out why it went down, and what happened aboard the doomed ship.

Kathris Reinhardt (tiger)
Lilah Terrance (spotted leopard)
Sir Walter Mathis (striped giraffe)
Doctor Lyndon Brennan (elephant)
Quinn Allen (quoll)
Doctor Calais Brightpaw (mouse)
Kevin Bell (zebra/fox)

Written by laurenrivers

Cover art by thetiedtigress
Chronology Note: This story takes place eighteen months into the Talwyn/Ashurian War.
Status: Draft 1 posted.