The Collection Agency by Lastdirewolf

It had been an otherwise restful night, until some noisy machinery seemed to drop from the sky a mile or so away, landing with a not-too-delicate series of thuds, followed by what sounded like previously quiet engines suddenly winding down – Though most creatures didn't have as powerful hearing as the dire wolf who awoke from all the noise. It was his territory, so he rolled over onto all fours and stood himself up – Standing a few meters tall on his 'hind' legs, he began to swivel his radar-like ears to help pinpoint the exact location of the disturbance, and used his nose to increase accuracy as he sniffed around in the air, starting to head in the general direction of general machinery noises and moderate talking. Catching the scent of the fuel, it made his search a lot more precise, but he could still figure it was around a mile before he got there – Dire wolves were not known for their speed, though they were fantastic trackers all the same. It took him the better part of half an hour to finally locate the exact spot – His only problem was, he had heard the perpetrators already take off, but he still needed to know what they were doing there in the first place – A peculiar scent caught up in his nose, but he was unable to place it. It stirred something in his loins he hasn't felt in ages, but it was no modern creature, though it also wasn't dead – A curiosity making the search even more exciting, even if his loincloth wasn't doing much to hide his excitement anymore.

Happening upon a small clearing, which appeared to be made by whatever had landed there, was something he never thought he'd see again – A female dire wolf. Letting his guard down from total shock, the male dire wolf approached the female with a mixture of authority, excitement, and need. The female perked up and spun to meet the male with bared teeth for all of a few seconds, within her twitching nose caught his scent and her eyes immediately brightened – Matching the male. Despite the fact she was feral and he was anthropomorphic, it didn't seem to matter – Without saying a word to one another, it still felt like eons passing since they had seen another of their kind! Not even bothering to speak, the male got down on all hulking fours and proceeded into the enthusiastic greeting ritual canines went through. Tails were wagging crazily as they sniffed and bumped one another, the female was more lean and slightly smaller, but after she stuffed her snout beneath the loincloth and found his raging hard-on fully slid from his sheath, there was a quiet agreement between the two. They seemed to almost agree upon the same urges, and the female dire wolf presented herself with a lowered front end, raised back end and a tail wagging gently off to the side. Without much thought, the male pushed his loin cloth aside and mounted her – Grinding his aching pinkish red shaft against her slit, and pressing his pure-white chest against her mixed brown-and-tan back. Leaning her head back to nuzzle his, a little lick giving him the go-ahead, and upon planting all four paws next to his new friend, or even mate, he rocked his hips back and pushed forward with an eager, if not overly eager thrust into her pussy.

Both dire wolves howled out in pleasure – Not a care in the world how this situation came to be, just that it was real, and happening – Even though the male was treating the female a bit rough with the way he rocked and slammed into her, she seemed to wiggle her butt and press into it – Both appeared equally needy, and they truly went at it. The male was struggling to not blow his load so fast, but with how tight she was, it was a challenge – Having to slow down to just milk the experience, before speeding up against and growling, howling out again in unison as the huge dire wolf-cock plunged into the female's almost perfectly fitting depths again and again. Juices dripping down into the grass as they passed the fifteen minute mark, but the male had to be careful and occasionally hold back, and he almost made it almost entirely to the half-hour mark – But his sack was full and aching just too damn much. No matter how much he chomped on the female's neck, or nuzzled into her, she just wiggled back and accepted everything – The red flags were popping up everywhere, but he's gone this long without mounting someone of his own species, and it felt so damn good that his mind was clouded purely by lust, until he couldn't resist anymore and plunged his knot into her tight cunt whilst biting down firmly on her neck.

While it was normal for the knot to tie with the female, being difficult if not nearly impossible to pull out, this was way tighter than he had remembered it being – The flood of seed pumping for his heavy sack was certainly distracting, and the sheer thrill and pleasure felt great, but he couldn't seem to budge an inch inside her! His hips continued to rock a bit to milk the last of his juices out, knowing there was going to be a wait-time for himself to shrink – He set his fore-paws down by hers, and knelt down by her hind legs to get into a comfortable position while they waited. As the orgasmic high started to clear from his mind, he nosed and licked her a bit, she nuzzled back and wagged what she could of her tail, but with all cloudy pretenses and excitement gone, something started not feeling right. Upon starting to try and pull out, he felt her resisting and squeezing him harder – A look of frustration washed across his face, and he gave a dominating growl as he attempted to pull out again, but she didn't relent and kept him locked to her. Within the same second he began to pull his fore-paws back from hers, sudden metallic claws reached out and grasped around what would essentially be the wrists of the dire wolf – Matching claws wrapped around his hind legs ankle-like area well below his digit-grade knee. If that weren't bad enough, a collar sprung from the neck of the supposed female and embraced the male's neck, pulling his upper body down tightly against her back – Following that up with a belt that would spring across his lower back and re-enter the female's side like a seat-belt. Even with his extraordinary strength and size, all he could do was gut-lift the surprisingly heavy body below him, but due to the angle he was stuck in, he couldn't properly get to his 'feet'. Leaving him to flex and pull the heavy dire wolfess up, only to collapse back down – His now-clear mind figuring she was entirely made of an incredibly heavy material inside – Likely some heavy duty metal, since even he didn't weigh this much! The outside layer was extremely realistic, but now having the frustration and time to think about it, he realised that the whole situation had been way too easy.

Throughout the struggle a ring had been clamped behind his knot, making him unable to shrink his knot or pull out, and even after several minutes of chomping on what bindings he could reach – He simply couldn't get a proper grip on any of them with his massive and powerful teeth. A thought had sprung to mind when the first bindings popped out, but chewing off a single limb wouldn't help, since all of them were trapped. He had started to feel a suction around his shaft, something to make his hips buck what little they could into the rear of the female he was forced to stayed mounted to – Though this was no ordinary suction, it started to undulate and pleasure him. Finally uttering his first words to the beast below him, “Oh y-you bitch-” The suction ramped up several times, teasing his sensitive cock into another orgasm that had him howling out and lightly humping the 'female'. He's had milking machines forced upon him before, but this was an entirely different level!

When the suction and teasing stopped for a brief moment, likely to give him a breather and to 'reload', his ears opened up again and he could almost focus on some sort of electrical buzzing – As well as some muted speech, but it didn't appear to be coming from the forest. “Come out and face me!” The male growl-shouted into the open air, “Th-this cheap gimmick is pathetic!” Though he had to admit it felt entirely realistic, aside from the whole being trapped against it. The forest was silent aside from a light breeze making the leaves and grass whistle and sway lightly, but he could still sense a presence that had no notable scent, and he couldn't see, nor could he place it exactly with his rapidly swiveling ears. His break was over though, and the suction started up again, as powerful and delightful as before, it forced him into a fairly big orgasm that had him panting with tongue out and everything. This was turning into a multi-hour event, and his stamina was getting drained rapidly – He couldn't even lift the wolfess anymore, let alone budge her, but once again, the internal undulating and pleasure milked his already hyper-sensitive cock for another few drops of semen – Leaving him collapsed on top of the beast, breathing heavily and fairly limp by this point. A brawl was one thing, he could dominate those with dedicated pacing intertwined with huge spurts of energy, but this beast turned on randomly and made sure he was totally tapped, leaving him extremely sensitive and totally sapped after so many hours.

After a solid third of the day was gone, the sun setting even, a ship the size of a motor-home appeared from thin air and landed near the two 'mating' wolves, several digital trees disappearing as the large mass of metal landed. In fact, the whole clearing surrounding the two 'lovers' lost its appearance – Revealing an extremely high-tech facility, though the lazy eyes of the male dire wolf got to look around and see it was actually more of a blank room designed for replicating holograms – Floor, ceiling, and three walls, the one missing led up to the 'female'. If he hadn't gotten so distracted by the 'female' offered to him, he may have very well walked right into a wall! Though what strength he had left, he pulled his neck back enough to see he was actually mounted onto a frustratingly ordinary device that farmhands used to breed horses and cattle, but with unbelievable augmented reality and realistic flesh and fur – The device was designed to hold something of his power in place, and it did a great job of that – Even the ability to lift it up off the ground was guided by a thick piece of curved metal implanted in the ground, unable to be freed of it. A rolling metal door started to shut behind the dire wolf, with a few ambient lights turning on before the room got dark, “We wish...No harm. Only study, re-population, and creation-” Spoke...the walls. No being appeared at all, just...the room was talking to him. This was all a lot to take in after being so wholly exhausted, and he was left mouthing a few things to try and make words, but he had spent a huge chunk of his day being drained of every drop of seed, even beyond that when he had none left and was having dry orgasms.

His 'room' started to move, but now that the holograms were down, he had no sight of anything, except the empty room around him and 'mount' below him. A sudden shuddering made it feel like the room had been locked into place, but it was the least of his worries when the whole unit suddenly launched rapidly upwards. It was just slow enough that he could keep conscious, but fast enough to make the dire wolf start to feel sick – His body too tightly bound down to lurch, but his gut certainly did when the whole thing stopped awhile later, and as if the room could sense it, a quick needle pricked his furry butt-cheek – Causing the whole feeling to melt away into nothingness, in fact, he was realising he couldn't feel a damn thing after a few minutes. From behind, he could hear the rolling door start to open again, and the scent of leather and rubber hit his nose, but he couldn't discern a body, just an overwhelming scent of kink. This time, the room didn't speak – It was certainly a body in the room, but he couldn't sense them in any way, especially with his head trapped facing forwards. “We wish not to frighten you...But you must be washed. We will be as gentle as possible.” However soothing the voice might be, the actions were anything but! Something vaguely phallic, lubed, was forced into his tail-hole – It wasn't terribly large, but certainly unsettling, especially when it expanded beyond his rear ring and 'locked' itself inside. A rubber-tasting bladder was forced into his maw, with a heavy duty rubber strap that would force his mouth to close around it, but the actual bladder would only grown within his teeth, leaving him unable to chomp on it, and the tube leading to the bladder had some sort of strong metal barrier protecting it for the same reason.

The next fifteen minutes or so were aggressive scrubbing by half a dozen hands all over his body – His shaft remained trapped inside the machine, which still turned on to milk any and every possible drop he had, but the rest of his external body was ripe for the scrubbing through all of his usually self-cleaned fur. By the end of it, the room turned into a huge blow-dryer for five minutes, and absolutely removed all the moisture brought upon him – Leaving an extremely soft and fluffy coat all over, as well as his very skin beneath the layers of fur feeling very supple. Of course, the bladder in his maw and plug in his rear weren't for fun – They ejected surprisingly gentle cleaning chemicals into him, but it reached a point that there was simply too much within him, and almost as if on cue, the machine he was strapped to finished working it through his system and pumped it out – Relieving all the pressure in his stomach, rear, and bladder in one quick go! It was incredibly intrusive, both inside and out, but the results were amazing, even to the trapped dire wolf. This was the most clean he has ever felt!

“Now that you are sufficiently cleaned, readied, tests show you prime candidate for re-population. Unfortunately, we currently lack compatible species . Further research imperative, we thank you for service to our cause.” The room was speaking again – Wherever the hands had come from, were long gone. “I-I can go h-home now?” The drained and thoroughly cleaned dire wolf spoke up since all the cleaning devices had been removed, figuring if the room could speak to him, he could speak to it. “Negative. You are unique species. As male, immensely valuable!” Although speaking with some excitement, the news was not good for the dire wolf. “We will make your stay most pleasant until re-population is possible, however, we will not keep you in this cell. Please stay calm for next stage.” This was quite the turn-around for the poor dire wolf – His loneliness amplified a million times over upon hearing whatever species or race this was, also do not know of any other dire wolf, but he had little time to think about it as the machine he's been mounted to for what could be half a day, or even a full day – There was no natural light to tell – Let his cock free. Keeping him strapped down for now, with no word as to why, but as his shaft was given the glorious feeling of receding back into its sheath, he realised why it was allowed.

A smallish door slid open from the mount he straddled, and pressed a terribly cold metal device to his package, metal bands slipped around his upper thighs and 'clicked' into themselves, another band wrapped around low on his waist, but accomplishing the same, locking into itself – A final band wrapped around the top of his sack, and tightened firmly. The poor dire wolf couldn't actually see what it was, and by feeling alone, he judged it was some sort of metal jock-strap or something – It was unlike anything he's ever felt before, but it hugged and squeezed in very personal areas that he was not comfortable with.

All of this was merely the beginning. A hot blob landed on his back, but that was all he could feel until it started to reach his sensitive extremities – Black rubber expanding over his furry body, and seemingly intent on coating /everything/, to which it did a great job after several minutes. Coating his rear-paws in a thickly padded layer of rubber, and climbing up the entirety of his legs, the lower digit-grade half being melted into the upper-thigh half so that he would be unable to stand up, except on all fours. While the rubber did spread to his crotch, it seemed to encircle the base of his package and continue on – Plugging his rear once again in the mean time, while it coated over his tail. Linking the plug tightly to his tail, so any wiggle would stimulate him, and continued up the rest of his well-toned torso – Accentuating the lean muscle he's kept up over all these years of hunting. Reaching past his shoulders and up his neck, the rubber actually stopped at the back of his head and spread straight-forward – Encasing his snout in an unbelievably tight rubber muzzle, leaving a nice wide gap for his constantly twitching nose. The slowest spreading of the material was over his arms, but it inevitably took and with the simultaneous release of the metal cuffs, he was pulled down further onto all fours. His upper and lower arm being sealed together, while his sharp claws were rendered useless with even more thick rubber, which melted itself to the matching shoulder of the paw. Everything was accounted for, rendering a massive and incredibly strong beast into a rubber beast trapped on all fours, and kept in chastity, completely helpless.

“We know this is not optimal for you as bipedal. Safety is first concern, you will earn trust in time. Please now, enjoy your stay, we will call upon you soon.” With the last word said, the room disappeared, and the rubber-bound and chastised dire wolf was left in a large and open mingling room – Seemingly made of creatures in his same position, given they all essentially wore the same thing, but were wildly different in size. Once-thought extinct species, nearly-extinct species, even mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons wriggled about the common room. Not all in rubber, but something equivalent to keep them from fighting one another, and thanks to the plethora of chastity devices – It was basically a non-issue for the captors to keep the creatures under control. With the inability to communicate as well, they were left to moan, whine, and cry to themselves or one another, but it didn't matter. They had no idea where they were, with no means of escape – Given the room lacked doors and windows – And not even a chance of showing dominance, since all of their unique assets and abilities were nullified or locked away. Everyone was equal, yet they all felt inferior to those whom had captured them for this mysterious project. All of their sperm and eggs were harvested regularly, though it was usually in a very clinical manner, one that usually did not aim for pleasure necessarily, despite the very pleasurable introductions each creature had – The rest of their sexual appetite would be at the beck and whim of the anonymous high-tech overlords. Orgasms were harder and harder to come by the longer they stayed, since the machines were rigged to read all of their vitals and signals for orgasm, eventually learning to either edge them and milk the pre, or to trick them into a dry orgasm, which left them physically unfulfilled, but also incredibly needy for more – Causing their bodies to produce even more potent cum. What was not used for research was merely sold, but at an equally high profit – The rarest species were not as regularly drained, and often were kept separate until they learned to keep calm after weeks, if not months of teasing and chastity.

If this is what they did to one-off creatures who had no mate, the dire wolf feared what they would actually do if they found a mate for him!

The Collection Agency


16 June 2016 at 02:27:17 MDT

Just a fun little story with Dire, whom I haven't written about in a good while.

I think I'm enjoying writing these shorter stories - Not having to focus on world-building or the impact of every decision is a huge relief. There's probably a few errors I missed, but nothing too glaring I hope.

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