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Oreath Princesses by Lapseph

Oreath Princesses


I suppose they're not all "Princesses" but... XD That's how this all started with wanting to dress up Revya and Maven and... it all just kinda spiraled from there into a much bigger thing. Which I suppose in the end you could call a "send off" finale tribute to the characters of our Oreath (Pathfinder) Campaign, now that it's effectively come to an end. There had been more planned... but the GM unfortunately lost a number of critical files pertaining to story, locations, and npcs which they were unable to recover and had no easy fix. So things wound up wrapping kind of early in as tight a manner as possible under the circumstances.

Sooo... you know... sentimental me, not quite ready to let go of all the characters and their stories... :p Giving the closest thing to a final tribute I can manage. So here's everybody dressed to the nines, going out for one last party night?

Maven only appeared in the final session, introduced as the lost/disconnected ruler of the city, which we effectively brought back into the picture proper after years of them being outright deceived while proxies effectively ruled the land in secret. But the idea of them in a cute princess dress was just... I mean, I had to draw that, right? XD S'not the best mock-up maybe, but it's cute and it works~

Revya was kind of a silly dress-up, grabbing the most ideal desert princess garb I could find, lols... but hey, it fit, deal with it. Then Amelia's outfit was something we actually got for them in game and I meant to draw them in ages ago, but controversy derailed me hard after the initial bit of just... kinda laziness in getting around to it? But it's finally been drawn up and I'm really happy with the look.

Hester is pretty on design from his references, nothing particularly new there? But I tried me best to give her a nice look. Kinda ditto with Ophelia on the end, mostly sticking to her reference outfit, because.... I mean, it fits? XD And it's her motif, so... I may have mixed and matched with an older reference though too, I can't remember now.

Cassiel is mostly on reference too, as I couldn't think of anything fancier to put him in, because he wouldn't wear anything else... XD XD Tasha hanging off his arm took some work, as I tried to dress her up a bit while also dressing her down... then tying her motif a bit to match Cassiel. And lastely, Malcolm gets a full suit and tie, because dapper raccoon is pretty handsome and mildly out of character and he's just trying so hard to blend in... and not punch anything.

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