Inktober'19 - 08 - Frail by Lapseph

Inktober'19 - 08 - Frail


8 October 2019 at 21:46:31 MDT

"...but I'm not--"

08 - FRAIL
Seems like I got into a 'sad Nikki mood' while pondering over some of the upcoming prompts, which eventually let me to this sequence. I've actually been working on it a few days now inbetween everything else because it was obviously a little over scoped. XP

Still, I like how it all turned out. I'd have made it like a gif for posting but... I don't have stuff on hand for easily accomplishing that it seems. But this works well enough for now. :p

I had to design new outfits for the first and final panels/states. So they're not really set in stone, but... maaaybe.... maaaaybe.... Otherwise, there is some moderate borrowing of features and colors to them, but I tried to switch things up as much as possible to make them unique. Which is another reason to possibly revisit them in the future to more squarely layout the new clothes. I feel like the top of last outfit only worked because I unbraided Nikki's hair... XD I dunno, I dunno... It's not bad. But I do feel like I want to get someone else to design me an outfit for them someday, just so I don't have to worry myself over it too hard.

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