TFF 2014 Lagarto Custom Leather Booth by Lagarto

TFF 2014 Lagarto Custom Leather Booth


25 April 2014 at 16:01:00 MDT

Texas Furry Fiesta 2014, Addison Texas (North Dallas area) - had a wonderful corner setup, which had massive walking space as a result of the exit door - fortunately never needed, though it did have to remain clear for hotel staff to service water and other things to their rear corridor.

We had excellent sales, with more color combinations of cuffs and collars with fur liners. Leashes were poorly stocked as I ran out of time to replace ones sold at MFF a few months earlier.

This is a new hotel, the Intercontinental. I must say, the high ceilings were a treat. I left the headspace in the photo so you can really appreciate what a 25 foot high ceiling looks like. And I love the odd room shape giving me the opportunity to put up two extra racks near the door (upper photo).

The lighting in the room was quite dim, fortunately we brought 6 of our clamp lamps and that brightened things up considerably. Thanks to Shiva and the terrific staff of TFF for helping make our convention experience such a success.

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