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Reference - Jay Bijeau 2012 by LadyZolstice

Reference - Jay Bijeau 2012


New ref for Jay! She's way overdue!

Main differences are that I nailed down a height and body type for her - she's short, muscular and flat-chested. She's also got a face closer to the one I've always envisioned her having.

Also Simbi! (Heavy reference used for him, one day I'll be able to draw birds but today is not that day.)

Name: Jennadelle "Jay" Bijeau

Height: 5'3"

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Personality: Jay is an incredibly extroverted and confident individual, in spite of the fact that she tends to be the sole human in a crowd of superbeings. She is clever and sarcastic and can be incredibly competitive. Raised as a debutante in Baton Rouge, LA, Jay is rowdy and crass whenever the mood calls for it.

While she is a plain human in body, she has researched and mastered much of the voodoo magic and spells that are so prevalent in her Cajun roots. She can cast illusions with the right time and energy, but relies mostly on brews and herbs to do the job for her.

In her current residence of London, she works to rehabilitate werewolves who seek to maintain their humanity - she and her partner Eoghan Lanihan (a peaceful werewolf himself) spend their days teaching newly-turned wolves to master their beasts with meditation and anger management so that they pose less danger to their family and friends.

Her nights, however, are spent hunting down renegade wolves who've decided to give in to beast temptations and kill or turn human beings. While she tends to carry a pistol and a dagger on these patrols, she prefers grappling techniques and martial arts to stun foes before leading them into traps set by fellow hunters Trapper and Mili.

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