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Random Sci-Fi Vignette by LadyIllusory

Random Sci-Fi Vignette


The crew of the Cervidian-flagged *HMS Summersong is an eccentric group of (mostly) ungulates, freelance adventuring their way around the galaxy in search of excitement, riches, and... "romance". They might not be pushing the edges of known space, seeking new life and civilizations, but that doesn't mean they don't explore some strange worlds, and they certainly have plenty of tales of action and excitement to share!*

This is not one of those tales.

This is the story of two of those crewmates killing some time together and bonding over a little target practice during an exceptionally long FTL jump that has everyone bored out of their minds.

At ~1.5k words this feels more like a "word sketch" than a full length story, but I haven't posted any writing in a while and while I initially didn't plan to post this one, it's kinda grown on me. No TF in this one and no raunchiness, just... two of my characters playing out a scene that kinda popped into my head when thinking about sci-fi things, doing some chatting and bonding. IN SPACE!!!

I didn't ask them to proofread or edit, but I did show this to DrakenTenuem and Duhad who said nice things, and I'd like to thank them for that.

Weasyl will change this, but the filename was "Random Sci-Fi Vignette no.2.pdf"... not that that should be read into.