Utopia by LadyFromEast (critique requested)

Utopia (critique requested)


5 July 2015 at 12:01:49 MDT

Utopia, artwork from 2009
2B pencil, A4 canson paper sheet


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    Very moody, great stylization! I think personally I would have liked a smoother more rounded moon, but that is a personal preference. I do think that would have echoed the roundness of the trees etc. and made for a better composition (but again, personal preference). My favorite part I think is the plants at the bottom, that look like tentacles!

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      Thank you very much! In fact, I remember thinking through a choice between the rounded or angular moon solution! I guess I chose the latter since it felt more natural to hang stars from it, although a round one would still look well here! Plus, I believe I've had this one in mind due to the fact I've seen one similar somewhere else earlier and I wanted to do something like that for some time :) Thanks a lot for your critique :)