Mmmm, meow do you like my new jersey master? by lacussky

Mmmm, meow do you like my new jersey master?


22 January 2014 at 19:35:23 MST

Lorna: " Meow, master, does....does this jersey look good on me...or should I wear something else....or nothing at all? meow "

  • Kneeling down next to her darling plushy of him, she smiles so softly and blushes so sweetly as she shows him the new jersey she got for both herself and her darling plushy. Hoping he would like what he saw as she showed him what she did for him. *

Hehehe, oh yes, my mate/master is a HUGE Hockey fan and since Christmas is coming up soon, I wanted to show him my love and appreciation for everything he has done for me by making him a two piece gift. This is the first piece of this Hockey Jersey gift, hehe very sweet but so adorable at the same time. Hehe now yes, this does not completely look like a real jersey from the hockey team itself, this is more of a fan jersey that I made. Was having a little trouble getting the sleeves down for the jersey and this is what I ended up with. And yes, when I looked up this team, I saw so many different jersey's I couldn't really figure out which one to go off of, so I went with this one. Hehe super cute all the same, hehe I really hope you like this first piece of your gift master, hehe I so had fun doing this one. meow Enjoy :3 <3333333333

Plushigo belongs to Ichigo-Neko

Lorna & Artwork belongs to Lacussky

Grand Rapids Griffins logo's and symbols belongs to AHL: American Hockey League ( symbols do not belong to me. )

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