Who could ever learn to love a beast? by -Ky-

Who could ever learn to love a beast?


27 April 2015 at 14:41:31 MDT

Originally posted to FA on 01/14/2013.

I haven't done much art lately (well, nothing I was comfortable posting, anyway), so I'm gonna change that, starting with drawing my Soul Calibur character again, sans armwarmers. I'm gonna call her Isa for now.

Why is she crying, one might ask? Well, for starters, this transformation of hers was induced by the Evil Seed, meaning she is malfested. And if SC5's story is any indication, people don't look too kindly on that. Second, because Soul Calibur's will seems to be destroying Soul Edge and anything connected to it at all costs, (correct me on this if I'm wrong) the one thing she believes could change her back could end up killing her instead. But what really dissolved what little hope she had left was this: everyone she knew and loved turned their backs on her. Even the love of her life ran away from her.

So here she stands. Alone and heartbroken. She could really use a hug right now, ya know?

Reffed of course. This time, the pencil sketch only took about 2 hours! :O I could really use some critique on this one guys.

Art and character are mine.

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