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Fallout 4 Deathclaw Cosplay MkII by Kullenuska

Fallout 4 Deathclaw Cosplay MkII


Tumblr post Here with bonus shitpost version here! Please don't repost.

Here's Baby in all her spiky scaly glory!
Featuring me standing in the shame corner after I saw all the amazing cosplays I was competing against ;w;

asurasleeping(FA) and Zwijgen were my handlers and they were great!! Fortunately the event wasn't too crowded so I didn't encounter too much trouble with people walking into me, plus the community that the event was at is generally not a bunch of dickbags (only had one person grope me to find out if I was 'boy or girl' but???there's foam padding on the chest so they couldnt figure it out lmfao)

Skin is made from fleece and foam, lightweight clay, and acrylic paint.
The entire suit - head, hands, feet, bodysuit - weighs only 5kg/11lbs. It's incredibly light! It's also incredibly hot (I had to throw out my shirt from saturday, despite washing twice I couldn't get it to not be awful).
There's EVA foam under the legs and the plate scales on the back to give defined ridges. Arm scales are entirely painted on in acrylics. The spikes are made out of EVA foam, with lightweight clay over them - this makes them very fragile and even moving around made them crack in places. I also probably can't sell the suit because it's tailored to suit me specifically and it's so terrible to get into that I wouldn't wish it on anyone else =w= (and also needs a good clean tbh)

View the head here!

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    Nice! Amazing detail in this!

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    All that detail must have been such a pain to work in, and the end result is amazing.

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    holy shit... that's fantastic! =D