DAILY - 16/11/2017 [ToH] by KrystalKream

DAILY - 16/11/2017 [ToH]


15 November 2017 at 22:06:50 MST

16/11/2017 - Day 84 - Firecracker - Shulamit

I adopted the above design from Sakuyamon on DeviantART, and have used the likeness to make another celebrity character for ToH.

Shulamit, or Shula to her friends, is a liberated slave from the vast desert country of Artarus to the west. When she first set foot in Herstia she was a broken and depressed teenager. Having been made a slave escort shortly before liberation, she yearned for the days of dancing and singing and merrymaking that she had grown to enjoy. After a year of counselling she finally returned to her dancing days and quickly found her mental health improving. This showed in her energetic songs, and before long she was making her own, using it to assist her quickly improving knowledge of the Herstian language.

Despite previously being faced by adversity for being an Artaran Herstian, Shula quickly garnered attention with her singing and merrymaking and was eventually scouted by a record label hoping to make a star out of her. Unfortunately the label took advantage of her skills and enthusiasm and made a half-finished song that bombed to an extreme level. The investment Shula made into the label was lost as they disappeared almost as if they had never been there. With her name and potential career in jepoardy, Shula was close to giving up entirely, but gave it one last try with what little money she had to record her own song - named “Fireworks”. Using the negative attention that her previous flops had created, she put out “Fireworks” and watched as people flocked to it, expecting to mock it but leaving with cheers for more.

It took a while, but she raised enough money to record more of her on songs and keep her name on everyone’s lips. Her popularity kept growing and in time she was found by another, better known record label that followed her direction after her solo growing success. Before long she was the pop star everyone knew as “Firecracker”. She admits that the record label tends to try to minimize the fact that she is an Artaran Herstian, but she tries to be a role model for others like her that face adversity for who they are and where they came fromm all while living the dream that she crafted for herself.

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