DAILY - 29/09/2015 [ToH] by KrystalKream

DAILY - 29/09/2015 [ToH]


29 September 2015 at 19:19:07 MDT

Day 38 - Religion will never not be an important factor of fictional stories, so here I'll address some of them.

First off, the basics:
~~ Herstian Faux Diamond Icons ~~
The main religious sect of Herstia are those that follow the teachings of the Apostles and worship the Queen; Herstia herself. The crystal pendant shape is representative of always having a part of the Crystal Herstia with you, and remaining close to the bountiful queen. The jewel however is not a real shard from the Crystal Herstia as it is a criminal offense to damage the crystal, so instead these pendants are made from much less rare and important quartz, imported from foreign countries. For this reason however, icons are in short supply and only the more devout worshipers of Herstia actually have one.

~~ East Artaran Religious Armlets ~~
Whether nobleman, slave or peasant, East Artaran culture sees everybody wearing these coiling metal bars around their arms and in places it has been deemed heresy to not wear one. As such, they are inexpensively produced and are not sold for monetary value within the region - everyone requires one at all times after all. In conflict between individuals however, these bands have been known to be forcefully removed to express disgrace, while in slave culture, having your arm band removed by a nobleman has been a solidified as an instant death sentence.

~~ Apoco Runes ~~
The existence of Apocalypse culture has always been debated as to whether it counted as a cult or a full-blown religion. The only really widespread opinion however is that Apoco Runes and those that possess them are incredibly dangerous individuals to be around. Apocalypse Culture is about reversal of power - making the weak strong and the strong weak. Cutting the symbol into your body would be counted as payment and prayer to the so-called "Gates of the Apocalypse" and reverse all magical prowess (or lack of it) and strength. In the past, feeble but vengeful individuals of all species have joined the culture and gained insurmountable magical power, while powerful but curious individuals have done the same only to be drained of their power. Nonetheless, all who partake in the dark rituals gain something they selfishly desire, usually at the expense of others. It is to no surprise that Apoco Culture is prophesized to be what will trigger the end of the world.

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