AoC – Seeking Patrons by KrossBreeder

AoC – Seeking Patrons


16 May 2019 at 12:24:03 MDT

I've been silently, carefully, painstakingly building the world of Axis of Conflict since 1988 when neon was all the rage and computers were a thing to be feared. Fast forward to 2019 and we're back where we started!

I am launching my first-ever official drive to garner support, both emotional and financial, to help me bring this world to life.

My goal is to publish Books 1 through 3 (book 1 is 3/4 complete) and to simultaneously develop multimedia versions incorporating animatics and vibrant illustrations, as well as published books with all of the maps, details, languages and world-building elements developed over years of creation.

Please consider supporting this project, if you can! Patrons will receive rewards and their name published in the final works.

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Only interested in a one-time tip? That's totally awesome! Every little bit helps!

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About AoC —
AoC is a sci-fi adventure set in timeless America about the fragility between “right” and “wrong”. Follow a cast of
strangers as they navigate a world transformed through genetics, corruption, and technology, and how the
smallest decisions can have
the largest consequences.

The world of AoC revolves around:
• Transformation
• Intrigue & mystery
• Conspiracy
• Cyberpunk
• Action
• Self-discovery
• Philosophy

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