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Baragon-WIP Partial Skeleton by KronoGarrett

Baragon-WIP Partial Skeleton


Every project starts somewhere. Of course, I'm a long way from carving foam. The image in my head is mostly un-formed, I have two papers and an engineering exam to worry about, and who knows where I'll be working by June. So for now, let's just enjoy some sketches of Baragon and hazy visions of the future.

This isn't my first attempt at drawing Baragon, but it's probably the most presentable so far. There's still a lot wrong with it (posture/spine still not quite right, trying to squeeze in opposable thumbs, trying to figure out Sokogeki suit's proportions, shoehorning a direct-view head on), but that's why this is a scrap. Once I get my mental imaging system up to speed, I can then proceed to worry about hanging suitable amounts of foam and fabric off of my own frame.

(I do have the Revoltech Shodai Baragon, so I'm not flying completely blind on physical references.)

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, even earlier sketches done prior to the spine fix:

And yes, it does look rather much like a blue individual with better posture who doesn't gorge himself at MOS Burger. This is at most a mild problem.

Artwork (c) of me
Baragon (c) of Toho Studios

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