(Spyro the Dragon) Ziyara by KrazyKari

(Spyro the Dragon) Ziyara


20 August 2017 at 19:41:55 MDT

Description of the character: "Ziyari comes from the Haunted Towers, of Dream Weavers World. She is really creative and can weave very nice dreams, but…she always adds her “little secret” to them. That is, ways of scaring or messing up the dreamer with her pranks! It’s also one of the reasons why she takes interest in drawing and observing the monsters / evil creatures from the kingdoms. You will probably see Ziyari hanging out with Clio, since her “creature trapping” spells would come in handy…or not.
She could even be considered bad to some, due to the silly pranks and her moody behavior. But she is not necessarily an evil dragon, just a bit rowdy at times. Maybe most times."

Gift art for Nahamut of DA ! I love their Tumblr project going on, which you can check out here: http://thank-you-for-releasing-me.tumblr.com/
They have been doing great work for the fandom, and are very friendly, so I wanted to do this, so I hope they enjoy this! She was so much fun to draw, and I thought she was a really creative character, would love to see more from this mascot! Who knows, I might want to draw this cutie again eventually! Spyro dragons are pretty much my favorite thing to draw.

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