Elevations Live Video Demo by Kraest

Elevations Live Video Demo


12 July 2013 at 09:19:06 MDT

So, I decided to do something I've never done before and do a live demo. Usually, my videos are just me playing along with the prerecorded audio, but not this time! All of the guitars and basses you hear are the ones you see! There's no mixing anywhere in this aside from panning left and right, so I apologize if it isn't up to the usual standards.

Like the title suggests, this is indeed just a demo. There are a lot of parts that are missing things like keyboards or proper bass parts, but that's all coming soon enough.

This song is only about halfway finished at this point. I decided that I needed to do another huge song like Damien's Vault, and wanted to move away from the Judeo-Christian topics of my last album (which, yeah, hasn't been released yet, shut up). So, this song is about the story of Annigan and Malina, the Inuit god and goddess of the moon and sun, respectively.

Also, if you pay close attention, you can spot when I had to do an emergency string change because I broke my high E. Good times.

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