Bonus Track - Kou by Kou

Bonus Track - Kou

Bonus Track - Kou


22 February 2013 at 19:37:58 MST

A 16 bit mashup of a few songs I enjoy.

Here's the list in the order they appear.

t.A.T.u. - Stars (Zachem Ya)

Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away

Michiko Naruke - Town To The Western Winds (Wild Arms 2)

Pendulum - Slam

Smashmouth - Allstar

Arata Iiyoshi - I Don't Want to Say Goodbye (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2)

All songs are covers by me done on FL studio with the megadrive soundfont and a few GBA ones.

The full version can be found on my new album "Hero at Heart" as track 3. Extended with some Evanescence, 2 more Linkin Park tracks and a track from the RPG, "Jade Coccoon".