a hard life of cat-owner by Kotenokgaff

a hard life of cat-owner


8 January 2015 at 11:37:52 MST

as it is

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    and i still wants a cat but does not buy one. only a singleroom flat.

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      cat doesnt care about the space ) if you take one from shelter that would be better home for her then a small cage )

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        i had one for 3 month. i cared for her while the catowner a friend had some renovations in his home. complete new balcony for example. there was a big hole in the building, thats why she was with me and after around 2 month, she begun to get some ticks that where really annoying because she was not able to have a nice quiete spot/place as a retreatpoint to get some rest. always near me. i was forced to give her back after 3 month D:
        there at the owners place, everything went normal very fast again with her.

        thats why i fear to have a cat.

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          well probably she got ticks somewhere, and actually it's really simple to get her rid of it! there is s collars, drops or sprays that you can use. Usually they helps for 1-2 days, in serious cases (like if you took her from the street) it's 3-4 days

          Usually if a cat lives indoor she would never get ticks.

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            Pretty sure SeverusBlackpaw was actually saying tics as in idiosyncrasies. Odd behavior brought on by the confines of a small apartment.