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one of those days by Kordoruna

one of those days


24 April 2014 at 04:00:59 MDT


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    I hear that. What kinda wine you got? (if I'm assuming wrong, feel free to smack me heh)

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      X3 It's fine~ I don't often drink, but I'm usually partial to arbor mist.

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        Me neither, but I do like a variety from time to time~ I actually am chuckling a bit because I decided to pick up some riesling earlier in the day to cook with (the first time in over a month), but then ended up sipping a glass or two of the rest throughout the night. It's definitely been one of those days though, can totally feel ya on that.

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          Well, I certainly hope things get better for us both. :3

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            Likewise~ toasts I do like the sketch, though. I kind of have a thing for scenes that reflect the realities of daily life, scenes that capture the moments that aren't a peak of passion or of an epic battle. Maybe I'm weird for finding the mundane fascinating, but that's probably got a lot to do with who I am I guess. o.o; Anyway, I digress, it's 5:30am here, apologies for being tired and rambly.

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              Not a problem! It's rather nice to have a chat once in a while, and I'm truly glad you like my sketch! Thanks for the kind words, and have an awesome day!

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                I see you around posting journals and art fairly often, so I will make sure to come chat at you again. :3 And 'tis the end of my day, hoping for an awesome sleep haha. Unless I smash my face into the nightstand corner again. Let's hope not. xD