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Best friends for life. by Korban

Best friends for life.


It was my friend, Volcan's birthday about a week ago, and I wanted to give him a little special something for his special day, courtesy of Mewolowdee on FurAffinity.

It's really hard to imagine that we were complete strangers at one point in our lives. I think it all started when he noted me asking if I wanted to RP with him and I agreed. The whole thing was just a character fight between his main character and fursona, Volcan, against my HEAVILY work in progress Saiyan character, Minato. We fell silent after that, but later on, he came to me with another idea, this time in a sort of Zombie Apocalypse setting with more of his characters. I jumped on the opportunity, as it was a chance for me to flesh out my other characters, Korban and Sash, the former of which would become MY main Fursona.

After that, we stayed in close contact with each other, and even allowed my characters to be a part of his character's universe. From there I was able to fully flesh out my characters, retcon others, and introduce new characters to the mix as well, before we decided to move onto another series, which ultimately became our main, and possibly most popular series to date, Pokemon: Team Valiant.

Hell, I even had the privilege of moving in with him at one point for three years. Granted it had its ups and downs, as most roommates tend to do, but overall, I loved living with the big guy. We developed similar interests, created new stories together, played a plethora of games that we either loved or hated...It really was...IS a special friendship, and even though we're now living apart from one another, we constantly keep in touch on a regular basis, working on new plot ideas, gaming together, or just enjoying each other's company.

I figured giving him a little something that emphasized how lucky I am to have such an amazing, talented guy in my life was the least I could do for, here we are, enjoying one another's company while watching what I'm going to assume is that Castlevania series on Netflix. (seriously, go watch that shit. It's only a season or two, but it's fucking EPIC as hell.)

To the best damn bird in the fucking world....thank you for all the stories we've written together...thank you for helping me flesh out my characters to be the people they are now...and thank you for all the good and bad times we've shared together...

I love ya, Volcan...You're the best damn friend an Immortal Bounty Hunter could ask for...~

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