Komos & Goldie comic by Karno, page 8 by Komos and Goldie (critique requested)

Komos & Goldie comic by Karno, page 8 (critique requested)

Komos and Goldie

18 June 2017 at 12:33:25 MDT

The amazing comicbook adventure of 'Komos & Goldie' continues!

Plot, script and rough layout by myself and Comus; pencils, inks and lettering by the incredible Karno (April-May 2017); touch-ups by myself and Karno.

Circe’s appearance here is a homage to the Marvel Comics character 'Sersi', created by Jack Kirby.

PAGE 9 -- http://www.weasyl.com/~komosandgoldie/submissions/1420854/komos-and-goldie-comic-by-karno-page-9