Patchwork 2.0 by Klemi

Patchwork 2.0


5 March 2015 at 06:48:41 MST

New sheet!
Terrible layout for a terrible critter! Sorry, but I was lazy :I


Facts about Patchwork:

  • Patchwork is not patched together from two or more creatures! Patch got injured before transforming. Luckily he got sewed together, but the flesh on the one side started to die faster than the flesh on the other, thanks to the strange transformation. Now Patch is looking freaky.

  • "Patchwork" is not the real name of this critter. It's a name given after the transformation due to the odd looking fur.

  • The flesh wound on the chest also got sewed, but sadly ripped open again later. Now you can see 3 of Patchwork's ribs sticking out. (EW)

  • Patchwork is a very tall creature. This is just the body build this thing always had. (even before the transformation! Skinny tall hare)

  • You can see Patchwork's paw pads what isn't normal for a hare. Sadly the fur needs more time to grow back than normal. So parts of the body that are in constant contact with surroundings have short fur or seem a bit bald. (that's the inner side of Patch's paws; both feet and hands)

  • Patchwork's gender is unknown. And since Patch is undead it doesn't matter anymore.

  • Patchwork is somewhere between dead and alive. Patch doesn't understand that by themselves. They just came to the agreement, that it's the way it is.

  • Patch is no fun at parties. Only if it's a costume party and Patchwork isn't hungry.

  • This creature is fucked up and doesn't talk much. But you can guess it's emotions by the position of the ears!


art, char, design by me, klemi
Sorry for my fucked up English language

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    I don´t have time to read al of the text but I like the outcome, he is looking awesome :)

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      thank you so much! Glad you like my undead critter! x3