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Warm Fuzzy Game Room Assets by Kjorteo

Warm Fuzzy Game Room Assets


Those close to Sara and I know that we've been thinking about getting into doing a YouTube gaming channel someday. I want to take an Obscuritory-like approach, looking at older stuff, weirder stuff, and older weirder stuff. (If you've ever seen my taste in games now, let alone half the stuff I grew up with....) PushingUpRoses' take on Mickey Mouse: Follow the Reader is pretty much everything I aspire to be, from the types of games covered to the overall "this is kind of janky but I still have a soft spot for it" tone taken with them.

Anyway, work on that has been progressing slowly, but I finally hit the point where the assets for the intro animation are done! All I have to do is load them into RPG Maker and I can make a cool little stylistic 16-bit-RPG-looking ten second splash screen for our videos. (Special thanks to Sara for coming up with the idea to just script the animation out in RPGMaker and film that, rather than my original plan of trying to manipulate the assets directly in PowerDirector.)

No ETAs; I work slowly and am very busy. But as moments like this show, we're definitely making progress!

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    I look forward to your Family Dog coverage.

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      That is absolutely going to be the first episode, yes. What better way to set the tone?