Kiss Her In The Rain by KittenFox

Kiss Her In The Rain


6 August 2015 at 13:49:12 MDT

A sort of Redraw suggested by my Beloved Feugen
His original:
And a little written work by Feugen as well:

Her View: Nothing went right! Everything was a disaster!!! First we got a flat tire on the way to the restaurant so we missed our reservation! Then there was an accident on the way to the theatre so we were way too late and he had already gotten the tickets online! So he wasted MORE money!... He tried to salvage it... God I love him he really did... We got some fast food because well... at that point it was the only thing that was open and we parked the car and went out to a hill in the prairie preserve and just sat down to enjoy the stars... It was amazing for about 5 seconds and then it started RAINING!!!... We forgot the umbrella in the car and the food got soaked and my hair got all messed up and he had paid to have it done that day!!... I was just so... MMPH!

His view: So nothing went as planned and I could tell she was just getting more and more frustrated... I kept trying to tell her the evening I had planned for her didn't matter... only she did... when it started to rain I knew we left the umbrella but hey... that's the advantage of having wings right?... So I decided to remind her that I don't care if she's wet... or if her hair's messed up... or if we're having wet McDoubles for dinner on a soggy hilltop... as long as it's with her I couldn't care less...

Her View: Stupid jerk is too good a kisser...

Art by me :3

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