That girl by Kitten

That girl


23 March 2017 at 07:06:56 MDT

You smell something bad. Something fiercer than a dumpster on a hot summer day.
You hear sniffling and hissing.
It's her. That girl. You remember seeing her trashed or on drugs at a party or something. Maybe hanging out local trashy bars or trying to bum money for her alcohol problem.
She takes out a spare cigarette and a lighter covered in lint from her opossum pouch and lights it. You can smell the whisky too.
Who knows where this piece of shit lives or where it came from, all you know is that the ankle bracelet is clearly not working.

A character I made. No name yet. Idk if she'll ever have one honestly.

She's a Rascal(part opossum part german shepherd) which is from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Great Job
Inspired by Dunkin Donuts, Newports and MD 20/20. Also by the trash found on the side of the highway. And Frank Gallagher