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F I S H :: O I L【P】 by Kitpaii

F I S H :: O I L【P】


30 May 2016 at 15:50:09 MDT

So I wanted to do something more
artistic/more detailed etc..
So I drew My OC Yume who'se a Nekomata
some lore suggest that Nekomata are made
because they lick the fish oil the drips from the
lanterns so dsgadfg inspired by it / w \

I'm like pretty proud of this /sobs I hope you
guys like it too tbh ;__; I'll prob be making
posters from this to sell later or something
I just ahh like it so much /// for once I'm really
happy about this dsfgadfg
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    this is super well done!

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      Thank you ahh ; w ; It means a lot to me asdfasgf /sob