~ Relm's Gift ~ by Kira Swiftpaw

~ Relm's Gift ~

Kira Swiftpaw

17 December 2013 at 20:24:26 MST

New camera also means I was finally able to take pictures of some of the other stuffs I got done! Yay!

This here is a gift for a very special friend that I've known for quite some time now. She's an awesome fur and I wanted to do something special for her, so one day I asked her "What are your favorite colors?" She replied "Blue, pink and lime green!" So I got to scratching my head and thinking.. I had no lime green rings, but didn't want to leave out one of her favorite colors either. Solution! Make a glow charm! It's close to lime green, and she loves glowy stuff!

This was what I came up with.. it's a 16" Byzantine choker with a green "rave essence" glow charm. It's so pretty.. Off to the right is a closeup of the charm itself. Top picture is under normal lighting, while the bottom picture is under black light. And yes, the lil "Made With Love" charm is there, it's around back by the magnetic clasp.

Now I just gotta hope she likes it.. =>_>=


Luv you much hun! Thanks for being my friend!

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