/New Species!/ Seeker Batch and Information by KingMiyo

/New Species!/ Seeker Batch and Information


11 March 2014 at 00:07:36 MDT

So I was getting a little tired/bored with the old bases so I decided to make a new adopt species called Seekers.

All of the above Seekers are taken.
The one of the far left is mine.

Seekers above as color sampled:
(Cool, Warm, Neutral, Cool, Cool.)

Seekers are jerboa-type hybrids who are blessed with the power of past and future sight. Because of this ability, Seekers are very rare and sought after commodities for both good and evil purposes. Since they are so well sought after, most Seekers have gone into hiding of close-knit communities. The creature's ability to look into the past and future is based on how light/dark the color scheme is. If the Seeker is primarily warm/bright colors, they can see into the future; vice-versa with cool/dark colors gifted the ability to see into the past. If the Seeker seems to be evenly placed between the two with neutral tones, they can see into both the past and the future.

Their ability to see into either the past or future can only span the time period of 5 minutes for any Seeker with a necessary 6 hour wait period between each vision. Pushing past that limit can cause deadly harm to the Seeker. All Seekers have a Third Eye of Wisdom, which grants them the power to see into the future/past. Covering the eye causes a Seeker great irritation, so it's best to have clothing tailored to sit below the eye. The care of a Seeker is extensive and time consuming, because the creatures are prone to sickness when out of their natural desert habitat. Most Seekers are treated like overly-lavished slaves. (Because they are chokes.)

More Information on Seekers to be revealed at a later date.

Seekers are a closed species of MINE. Please do not copy this information and edit it to be yours. Please do not create any Seekers of your own.

Seekers © Me

Once again, please do not create your own. They are a closed species.

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    OMG~ They are all so cute~! >w< I you ever make more I hope I'll be able go catch one! >w<

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    Just wondering how much you think you'll be charging for these in the future? I'm wondering so I can start saving up for one from the next batch hopefully.

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      In the range of $20 -$30 dollars to be honest. ; v ; I hope that's not too much wails.

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    Its not. In fact 20$ sounds about my range since I just about 25$ put into my account and I'm adding more soon. Can't wait to see the next batch though!